July 16th
 You write, “It’s like I keep figuring this shit out, and then forgetting it immediately.” That’s not your strange little personal problem. That’s not what makes you uniquely fucked. That’s a universal truth, a fundamental dimension of the human condition. You know who feels that way? You, me and everyone we know. Fucking OPRAH feels that way, or she’d have fallen asleep while interviewing Deepak Chopra a long, long time ago. 
Ask Polly speaks to my issues again and again and again.
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July 14th

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June 30th

Fleetwood Mac


Fleetwood Mac

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June 6th
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June 3rd

It’s June fucking 3rd.

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May 14th

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April 15th

Me. Yesterday, today, forever.

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April 10th

Sometimes when I’m washing my face before bed, I see my dreams.

I know it sounds stupid. But sometimes, somehow, I get lost in the rhythm and the routine of washing a ton of shit off of and then putting a ton of shit back on to my face and I get a sneak peek of what I’m going to dream about that night. On Tuesday, after the Retin-A micro but before the moisturizer, I saw my college boyfriend’s face, immediately followed by my mother’s.

Sure enough, I dreamt that he and I had been seeing each other again. His life had fallen apart, he’d gotten divorced and he was living with his parents. All of that was familiar, a common thread in the (infrequent, I swear) dreams I have about him these days. The twist this time was during the dream, I found out that he had knocked me up, and when I went to the doctor’s office for a check up, the nurse escorted me into a room with a bunch of other expectant mothers. At a podium at the front of the room was my college ASL professor and she told all of us that our unborn children would be deaf. I met up with him afterwards to break the news. The dream ended with me telling him I wanted to have an abortion, that I “couldn’t do it again,” and then I looked down and in a carrier was a baby, presumably also ours and presumably also deaf (I knew in that way that you just know things in a dream without any explanation), that had gone heretofore UNMENTIONED!

It’s been warm here, so I’d been sleeping under just a throw blanket but I woke up from that shivering so hard I practically dove underneath my comforter. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it for days. Would I really want to abort a deaf baby? I don’t think so. Jesus. Dreams are so stupid. What a stupid thing to be able to do.

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Jimmy Fallon & Stevie Nicks recreate “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” and it is everything

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